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smartstart install to \winnt.sbs (non-default systemroot path)

Ken C
Occasional Advisor

smartstart install to \winnt.sbs (non-default systemroot path)

I'm working on a migration from an proliant 1600 to a DL380 G3. But since the system (win2k sbs) has been around a long time, the systemroot path is \winnt.sbs. All the 'how to move to new hardware' instructions say to build the new system with the same systemroot path and then do a full backup/restore to install on the new hardware. Then be ready to do things like a repair in place etc... to fix up the extra driver issues anyway.

But how do I tell SmartStart where to install the 'dummy' copy of win2k server so it will have the right path?? It never asks and doesn't seem to have an option for telling it where to place the directory. My current plan to try is using the SmartStart to build the new box. Then use the Win2k disks to 'install' but (in theory) it will see the \winnt directory and ask about installing somewhere else. I'll have to have the diskette(s) and F6 the install to load the disk driver and maybe other devices. Then I should hopefully end up with a system working with the right systemroot path.

Anyone have other clues etc... on this sort of thing??

-ken c
Frank Kaufman
Honored Contributor

Re: smartstart install to \winnt.sbs (non-default systemroot path)

I would build a new system. Do a new installation of the Win2k SBS as if it was a new install using SmartStart. Allow the system to put everything ti the default locations. Use the same servername, etc. as you had on the old system. You will end up with a brand new, blank SBS server.

Install the applications you had on the old server. Install the tape software, etc. Once it is done, move the data from the old server to the new. This you can do even from the tape, as you can always tell the tape software what the new destination is, if needed.

This way your registry entries will be correct, all the correct drivers will be in place (no fixing needed) and it will clean up all the issues that any few years old system has únder the carpet'.

Doing it this way, you always have the old server to look at, and you can put it back into service if disaster strucks.

We have done a number of migrations this way and it was very successfu
Ken C
Occasional Advisor

Re: smartstart install to \winnt.sbs (non-default systemroot path)

But from that method (building a new server, but not doing a restore) I would have to do individual steps to move the active directory, sql server, exchange server, etc... And of course finding the different applications that have been installed, document how they were, and any license issues that creates.

My method (at least plan) would do the bulk of that as one lump. My bigger issue is how long I'll be down while moving things over. The business plan has us moving off the sbs to separate platforms but that's later.

-ken c