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snmp monitoring on DL380 G9

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snmp monitoring on DL380 G9



Running CentOS 6.6 (32bit) and the latest hp-snmp-agents installed (hp-snmp-agents-10.20-2789.26.rhel6.i686).


Having issues with snmp monitoring. It works fine and after a while snmpwakl has a timeout.


The issue gets fixed if I restart hp-snmp-agents OR snmpd.  Seems like the snmpd looses connection to the agents somehow. Cannot found the problem.


Any suggestions?



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Re: snmp monitoring on DL380 G9

I identified the problem.


THe cmanicd segfaults:

Oct 16 18:47:14 dp1-a kernel: cmanicd[26609]: segfault at 4706 ip 0804eec0 sp b6bfdf40 error 4 in cmanicd[8048000+23000]


Currently running latest:



What is strage it only happens on 3 servers (out of 15). All are up-to-date (BIOS, etc) unning the same OS.


It may be network related, but cannot figure out why.