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snmpwalk Timeout over ilo2 network interface

Maurizio Boriani
Occasional Contributor

snmpwalk Timeout over ilo2 network interface

I would like to snmp query ilo2 network
interface, this is the setup:
host: DL360g5
OS: Linux
ACPI enabled
IPMI enabled
ilo2 ip: obtained by dhcp
ilo2 snmp pass-through: enabled
hpasm, hpasr installed.
snmpd.conf dlmod cmaX loaded correctly
also comunity and access permission set

this query works well:
snmpwalk -v 2c -c private localhost

also a query done over nic1 ip address works well

but if the same query is done over ilo2 ip address (obtained by dhcp) I receive a
Timeout: No Response from ...

thanks in advance