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spare drives for P440 RAID10

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spare drives for P440 RAID10

Dear Forum Members,


I am looking for a bunch of recommendations regarding RAID10/spares configuration for the following machine:
ML350 Gen9 with 2 x Smart Array P440 w/ 4GB FBWC, spinles:
10 x 450GB SAS FC 10k
2 x 480GB SSD


Purpose: Database server (Oracle Standard with ASM) for reporting purposes
Required availability: 8AM - 8PM
Backup: yes, external (HP Microserver Gen8, 4 x 6TB RAW, FreeNAS 9.x)


As a matter of fact I see two options here:

Option 1 (without spare drives)

1st P440: RAID10 for 8x450GB SAS (database, Oracle ASM), NO SPARE DRIVES
2nd P440: RAID1 for 2x450GB SAS (OS, ext4), RAID1 for 2x480GB SSD (database, Oracle ASM), NO SPARE DRIVES

Option 2 (with a spare drive for each controller)
1st P440: RAID10 for 6x450GB SAS (database, Oracle ASM), 1 SPARE DRIVE
2nd P440: RAID1 for 2x450GB SAS (OS, ext4), RAID1 for 2x480GB SSD (database, Oracle ASM), 1 SPARE DRIVE for SAS


Unforunatelly I am not able to locate any related white paper or best practises guide.


Many thanks!



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Re: spare drives for P440 RAID10




There is no white paper dealing with creation of arrays from installed hard drives in a server.  A few things to be kept in mind while creating arrays are:


a. Insert atleast the minimum number of drives for the RAID level intended to be configured.

b. SAS, SATA and SSD drives can be mixed and installed in the server, but in any given array, only same types of drives can be added, i.e., either the array should be created from SAS or SATA or SSD drives,  and in the same array they cannot be intermixed.





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Re: spare drives for P440 RAID10

Hi Vijayasarathy,


Many thanks for your feedback.


I understand that it would be hard to find any white papers / best practise guides that address my concerns.

Maybe more proper question should be whether it is a common practise to have a spare spindle within RAID10 maintained by a P440 smart array controller.

Having worked with MSA P2000 G3, I used to sacrifice a couple of spindles and make them act as global spares. I am not sure how such approach applies to an internal server array.

It is also a matter of questions how reliable the 450GB 6G SAS 10k 2.5in SC ENT spindles are (part no 652572-B21)