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ssd firmware does not update

joseph pareti
Frequent Advisor

ssd firmware does not update


We’re currently testing  SSD 2.5” disks from HP. Both are 1.6TB, one is SAS, one is SATA
762263-B21 and 757339-B21


firmware was downloaded from


however it fails to upgrade, any idea?


---DETAILS ----

[root@bmx10202 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hp-scexe-compat]# ./CP026706.scexe
Supplemental Update / Online ROM Flash Component for Linux (x64) - MO0200JEFNV, MO0400JEFPA, MO0800JEFPB, MO1600JEFPC, EO0200JEFPD, EO0400JEFPE, and EO0800JEFPF Drives (HPD1), searching...
============ Summary ============
Smart Component Finished
Exit Status: 3
Update not attempted. All selected devices are either up-to-date or have newer versions installed.

But when I check one of the SAS drives I see:

=> ctrl slot=0 pd 2I:2:8 show detail

Smart Array P420i in Slot 0 (Embedded)

array C

physicaldrive 2I:2:8
Port: 2I
Box: 2
Bay: 8
Status: OK
Drive Type: Data Drive
Interface Type: Solid State SAS
Size: 1600.3 GB
Native Block Size: 4096
Firmware Revision: HPD0
Serial Number: Z4D0A00KTBRA1450
Model: HP VO1600JEABF
Current Temperature (C): 29
Maximum Temperature (C): 41
Usage remaining: 100.00%
Power On Hours: 2043
SSD Smart Trip Wearout: False
PHY Count: 2
PHY Transfer Rate: 6.0Gbps, Unknown
Drive Authentication Status: OK
Carrier Application Version: 11
Carrier Bootloader Version: 6

So, this did not upgrade the HPD0 firmware.



Re: ssd firmware does not update

Online firmware flashing of drives attached to an HP Smart Array controller running in Zero Memory (ZM) mode or an HP ProLiant host bus adapter (HBA) is NOT supported


do you have cache installed ?

can you try offline update (via SPP 04.2015) ?


I am an HP employee
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joseph pareti
Frequent Advisor

Re: ssd firmware does not update



 yes the controller has cache and battery --- see attachment

Jimmy Vance

Re: ssd firmware does not update

It would appear the model number of your drive doesn't match one of the models this firmware update supports



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