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Re: status code : 0168

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status code : 0168

Hi Everyone,

I have a <  ML310e Gen8 v2 server and it recently decided fail to POST after I tried to reboot the server.  

It turns on for ~5 seconds, where I can see it's still only at 20% of the POST, doing CPU initialization.  The Code at the bottom right of the screen reports 0168.

and Hear the sound of a continuous pep And then a black screen

 battery is disconnected No Change 
RAM changed  was No changed
I unplugged the SPS-CABLE, TEMP SENSOR and no response
Thank you


Re: status code : 0168


1. Are there any errors in the IML?

2. Please clear the NVRAM. Steps are as mentioned below: 

  1. Please power down the server
  2. Disconnect the power cable
  3. Press the power button for 10 seconds to power drain the server.
  4. Wear an Anti-static Band.
  5. Open the access panel of the server.
  6. Check the access panel for the system diagram.
  7. Look for system maintenance switch.
  8. Look for switch no. 6.
  9. Set the switch on "ON" state.
  10. Start the server.
  11. Wait for the message " system maintenance switch is On"
  12. Power down the server.
  13. Set the switch back to OFF state.
  14. Restart the server and check if the server is powering on.

3. Even reseating the CMOS battery could be done. 

If the issue still remains then we might have to replace the systemboard for which you will need to log a case with HPE Support team. 


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Re: status code : 0168

Hi. Started the server with the Switch 6 ON, but there was no difference. The server turned on, up to 20 % the VGA signal is lost.

On the motherboard are 3 leds on: 1 ambar near RAM slot, 1 green near the FAN1 slot and 1 gren near the FUSB2.


Re: status code : 0168


We would request you to log a case with HPE support team as part replacement might be required post the server logs are analysed. 

Link to log cases:



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Re: status code : 0168

I've had a similar issue and needed to place the RAM in the correct slots.