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strange issues with proliant server

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Bill Bag_1
Occasional Contributor

strange issues with proliant server

im running a proliant ml110 g4 as a dc and an exchange server. it runs with 4 gigs of mem and the duelcore xeons.
about 3 months ago it lost track of the video drivers (G200ed) and gave me a 16 color 640x480 screen. i first look i thought this was the only issue but then it seems to have lost the explorer.exe as well...
the exchange continues to work along with everything else.

i really dont know where to begin looking for an issue since the event viewer only claims it lost the video driver.

please help
Attila Szabó
Frequent Advisor

Re: strange issues with proliant server

Dear Bill,

It can be 4 types of problem:
- a system file corrupted -> just run a "chkdsk c:" against the disk (from a command prompt, it will run in read-only mode, so doesnt fear), If it find any errors, use chkdsk /r (repair switch). It will do it on the next restart, cause thats the system partition...
- driver error -> easiest way to download the latest driver from HP, uninstall the old one!! and reinstall the new one.. (read the install instructions)
Matrox Video Driver -
- firmware error -> there are several new BIOS revision for that server, which fixes many problems (but not any video porblems). Its always recommended, to update the BIOS, Array controller, and other firmwares time-by-time (like twice a year).
But in this situation, update the BIOS, you can download it from here:
That will update the BIOS directly under OS, so do it, when you can restart the server.
- its a hardware error -> check, and if your server is under warranty (its need to be), and ask for a technical guy from HP to repair it on-site (the default warranty is 1 year on-site, with next business day response).

For later use, you can find all up-to-date firmwares and driver on HP site:

Tell us, if any (or non) of it helps.

Bill Bag_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: strange issues with proliant server

i did a chkdsk came up with no errors and reinstalled the video drivers, rebooted and have my fingers crossed.

hope all is well,
thanks for assistance.