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subsequent installation of the "system parition" (F10)

Occasional Contributor

subsequent installation of the "system parition" (F10)

Dear All,

is there a way to install the system parition tools (F10 on boot) later, even if the operation system was installed (on ProLiant Servers)?

For the space I' am use Parition Magic, but I couldn't get it running with the SmartStartCD ...

For all your replies in advance many thanks.

Best regards

Carlos Behlau
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: subsequent installation of the "system parition" (F10)

The System Partition is a FAT12 partition and can be created with PM. You could copy files from an existing partition to a newly created.
Make the partition at least 40MB so you can update it later.

Just to be curious: why would you still need this partition since you can configure the server with a boot from the Smartstart CD or even the SCU floppies?
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