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suggested options for expanding array?

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suggested options for expanding array?

Using a dl380g6, with win 2008r2stand alone running vs 2010 tfs for small development group.  i got it originally with two 300gb sas drives and turned them into a single 600gb logical drive.  not the best i know, but we were kind of limited at the time.  now i have around 330gb of stuff on them ( i could move about 120gb of non tfs stuff somewhere else temporarily if that helps). i do expect to have some more projects added to tfs by the end of the year, but nothing too big.   i have 2tb usb drive i'm using for backups right now using the win 2008 server backup tool.  


I was able to buy two 600gb sas drives.  I would like to know what options are available to configure these without having to reinstall everything.  And hopefully in the process make a more reliable array. 

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Re: suggested options for expanding array?

Migration allows u to change from a RAID type to another, I think u cant change from JBOD to something else, look for Smart array controllers and Array configuration utility guide to check which types of migrations are supported.