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switch from STS to SAS RAID

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switch from STS to SAS RAID

Dear all, 

I have a ML110 G7   with a P410 here (no battery pack).


Because the drives were not available at time of delivery and we needed the machine, I took it up and running with one SATA drive.

Now I want to switch over the existing installation to the SAS RAID. 

First I generated the RAID - working fine. But how to copy the data over from SATA -> RAID?

This seems to be much more different than I thought:


 I tried it to recover a full backup from Acronis backup for SBS, which we use anyway, because Acronis has an option for recovery onto different hardware - didnt work because the new RAID was (due to RAID overhead) apparently some KB smaller than the old drive and thus migration not possible.


Now I cloned the original drive with Paragon onto the RAID, took the old drive out and rebootet. 


But now it seems the RAID is broken:

The ROM config Tool displays the Logical drive as "not available". 

(could it be I overwrote important RAID information?)


How can I do this? 

Could I perhaps copy the data to one standalone SAS drive (no RAID) and then change that into a RAID? Is that possible?


Has anyone an idea?



Also: is it normal that an ML110 G7 needs about 2 minutes alone until the bootscreen with the proliant logo?


Any help much appreciated,




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Re: switch from STS to SAS RAID

Dear all,


Problem solved:


the below error "logical drive not available" happend to apper because I took out the SATA drive (even though that isn't even part of the RAID, only on the same controller), but I did not choose to "FAIL" this on bootup.


I put it back in and the system booted up (Not forgetting to change the boot device in the controller setup).


In order to test, I took it out again and FAILED (F2) the missing drive on bootup - and the RAID works perfectly! GREAT!


Now I can put the SATA back in, delete everything and be happy :-)


Have a great weekend!