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system management

Andrew Zenz
Occasional Contributor

system management

Hi everyone.
After a recent FUBAR I ended up re-installing Server 2003 on a clients ML350G4.

I didn't use the HP supplied boot disk instead booting from a Windows CD.

I noticed an amber light on the server this week and realised I hadn't installed the monitoring software. I inserted the HP management disk and installed the HP System management homepage.

It is not as I remember it before my re-install. It only has Version Control and only has unknown for the System Model.

I gather I have missed an important part of the installation, can someone steer me in the right direction please?

Modris Bremze
Esteemed Contributor

Re: system management

Probably some HP management software/drivers missing. Check〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=397642&taskId=135
Andrew Zenz
Occasional Contributor

Re: system management

Thanks Modris,

I installed both the Intel Chipset Identifier and the iLO Advanced ... Driver, stopped and restarted the HP services but no change.

I had a look in Device Manager, I have no exclamation or question mark items.

Any other ideas?

Honored Contributor

Re: system management

System Model Unknown is a typical case where SNMP is not well configured.
So check that SNMP service is running, that there is at least one community string inside and that security on it is OK...
Restart HP Mgmt agents and check again...
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