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systems management homepage on dl380 g7 is blank

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systems management homepage on dl380 g7 is blank

I'm trying to bring up the SMH on a DL380 G7.  Going to the ip address:2301 gives standard info about re-directing to https:/...:2381.  I do that and confirm the security exception.  The browser url displays:


but the window is blank.  Any suggestions on what to check?




Re: systems management homepage on dl380 g7 is blank



What to check:

Check with different browser.

Clear cookies and browser history.

See if SNMP or WBEM is enbaled on the server.

Have you installed PSP onto this server?

Try to update to newer version of SMH.


Thank You!
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Re: systems management homepage on dl380 g7 is blank

Good suggestions:


I have a group of BL460c & DL380s behind a firewall.  All the systems are running RHEL 6.4.  The only browser I have available is firefox 17.0.8 with java 6.0.51 plugin.  The snmpd service is running.  Cleared cookies, etc.  Still the same.  I have run service pack for proliant many times on this server.  hp-asrd, hp-health, hp-snmp-agents, hpsmhd, and hpvca are all started.  Currently running of hpsmhd. 


Ah.. figured it out.  I looked at the web page source and saw several messages about insufficient permission.  I then looked at the /opt/hp/hpsmh directory.  There were several files in there, including smhpd.conf that were owned by root.  I did a:

cd /opt/hp
chown -R hpsmh:hpsmh hpsmh
restart hpsmhd

 and then reloaded the web page.  Now I can see the login screen.  :)


Thanks for the suggestions.  It led me down the correct path.  :)

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Re: systems management homepage on dl380 g7 is blank

I've had this same issue as well and thought i would share my solution since this is one of the limited amount of results found.


I did a directory structure comparison between a healthy server and my problem server with the blank page issue. I found that somehow the file /opt/hp/conf/smhCertDate.txt had 640 permissions on my problem server. This was the only difference.

Once I fixed the permissions to match my healthy server (chmod 644), the issue was resolved. Login page came back without issues. This may be a less intrustive/risky way to solve the issue than a blanket chown -R