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tech specs on installed DIMMS

Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

tech specs on installed DIMMS

I tried to takesome memory out of one G6 and put  it into another G6

it did not work  they both were DDR3   butthere was some sort of tech difference  one said 10600E  and the other said 10600B  

is therea way to getthese tech details without having to open  the server  and remove them just to read all that microsopic verbaige?

I tryed the Homepage ..but it does not give that level of detail or the HP part menuble for that matter  




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Daren Friday
Frequent Advisor

Re: tech specs on installed DIMMS

If you go to and use the memory scanner you'll find what you need


Re: tech specs on installed DIMMS



10600E means Unbuffered memory (UDIMMs)
10600R means Registered memory (RDIMMs)


There is no memory specs called 10600B.


System Management Homepage or Insight Diagnostics cannot give that level of information but you may try some third party tools which could give this info.


Good Luck!

Respected Contributor

Re: tech specs on installed DIMMS

HP System Tools -> HP Insight Diagnostics on-line edition can provide detailed information about the memory.
I found it useful when HP tech insisted on part number for ordering RAM.
Once part number is available, hp partsurfer can provide all the details :
Hope this will help
Tarun Jain
Honored Contributor

Re: tech specs on installed DIMMS



... and keep in mind that is not allowed to mix unbuffered and registered dimms.







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