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the problem with the server dl380G6

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the problem with the server dl380G6

Server dl380g6 (a Win Server 2008 64bit) OS does not meet periodically - do not work all the services, RDP does not respond, keyboard mouse and monitor do not work locally. At the same time continuously lit LEDs of all drives. helps only restart. After rebooting the OS in the logs or what not. What will advise?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: the problem with the server dl380G6

Suggest running hp diagnostics, they are on HP's SmartStart CD.

Memtest might also be good.

Check iLO IML log for clues.


Does it happen regularly? - Check for regular activities on machine.


Re: the problem with the server dl380G6


In addition to the above steps i suggest the following: 

  • Check the Windows Event logs for any errors or for activates
  • Check for any backup activity at that time
  • Check for any online updates at the time of server unresponsive 
  • Check for the minimun configurations of the applications installed
  • If it happens freequently, remove any thirt party devices installed / connected to server isolate issue. 
  • Also, run Insight diags for any hardware errors.

Pls update the status. 



Murali Mohan Vadlani

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Re: the problem with the server dl380G6

ILO is enabled. In the IML logs nothing. But when viewing the Drive tab provides different information.

On the Internet found a similar problem (same server, only OS Linux) - the problem was resolved by replacing sata - loops (while working disconnected drives).