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transfer 532 to 5302

Nathan Stipe
Occasional Advisor

transfer 532 to 5302

Situation: 1st generation ML350. Contains SA 532. Contains internal 4 bay hot swap enclosure. 4 bays occupied by 4 drives in raid 5. No hot spare. The internal channel on the 532 is occupied by the internal drive backplane. The external channel on the 532 is occupied by Tape backup.

Problem: I desperately feel I need a hot spare in this configuration and I have two open internal bays in the computer. However I cannot add drives too the card because the internal channel is already occupied. I need a card with two internal channels

Question: I want too purchase a 5302/32 which contains two channels with an internal and external port too each channel for total of 4 ports. This will give me two internal channels so that I can utilize the open bays too add hot spare too the system. Here is the question. Is the 5302 a valid upgrade path from the 532? How easy is it too transfer cards like this? Also, if each of the internal channel ports are occupied by hard drives, will connecting my tape backup too one of the external ports cause problems?

Thanks in advance. I spent an hour on compaq websites and couldn't solve myself.



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Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: transfer 532 to 5302

I would check the following option:
Install an external diskcabinet, put all your drives and your spare in there.
Build your tapeunit in the computercabinet.
This way you don't need to buy an other raid controller. I think it might save you some money.
Also you don't have any options to build hotplug drives in the 2 extra bays at the front top of the server.