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Re: txtsetup.oem not found

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txtsetup.oem not found

ML150 G6 - New , installed W2K3, did some experimenting to see how well our trusty old  Fox-pro application would run.  Turned off hyperthreading, used a few utilities to aid 16bit programs, and set up a raid-1  to try it out for speed etc.

Then decided to Re-load everything in case I had made some changes not beneficial. (I'm not an IT person, more of a 'try it a see what happens' kind of person) Very strange, 2003 will not load now, even with the HP start-up disk.  Tried reset, format, even a formatted disk from another machine that was never used as a mirrored disk.  Install keeps stalling at txtsetup not found with no option except exit. Why did it load ok when new? (I did beef up the machine with another processor and more memory when all was working).

Where does the HP start-up routine store the txtsetup file and SATA drivers etc. for windows?


Re: txtsetup.oem not found



If you are reinstalling everything from the scratch then use HP ProLiant ML150 G6 Easy Set-up CD which has all the required drivers for this server.



  1. Boot the server from Easy Setup CD
  2. follow the onscreen instruction to install operating system.


This server comes with an integrated HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller. If you are looking for manual windows installation, Download the following driver which include  txtsetup.oem file required for manual driver installation

File name : cp010928.exe


Installation steps :

  1. Download and Place the Smart Component (cp010928.exe) in a temporary directory, then double-click it to run.
  2. Extract the contents of the driver into floppy disk drive or USB to be used during windows installation



Hope this helps,


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Re: txtsetup.oem not found

Thanks - The problem is I AM using the Easy setup disk ...

Have tried everything to get hardware  back to original setting so Windows will load.

( remove extra memory chips, install single HDD that unit was shipped with, disable second processor,

and flash rom with latest version.

Everything goes OK...Reset all, load drivers, insert Win disk, copy files, then...

blue screen - txtsetup.oem not found with no options except re-boot.

Thus my questions  - where does the easy setup put the required files and where is windows looking for them?

ps - pushing F6 'load drivers' has no effect and does not bring up any options.


March 15 - Solved! - I was building a W2K3 iso disk with the raid/sata driver embedded with a nifty utllity called nLite when I noticed some tips for installing xp on newer machines on the nLite instruction page. Specifically, problems may occur installing xp with 4gb or more of ram.  (I had removed all my sticks except one pair, thinking this may a problem).

So one more attempt with only one stick - 2gb and sucsess!  

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Re: txtsetup.oem not found

Correction - make that maximum 4gb to install W2K3 off of HP Easy setup disk  ( I had 4gb memory sticks).