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unable to install windows 2000

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

unable to install windows 2000

I have made all hardware updates, but i am not able to install windows 2000.
the error message is
and other like if i had some SCSI trouble, but i'd tryed to work without my smart 2/e card, and the trouble allready exist.
i'm sure about the smart card configurations. i'd tryed with a raid 5, mirror, but no result.

i've just bought this server, and i'm not sure that everything is ok.

i've tryed to plug one hard drive directly on the SCSI controler on board, but i am unable to install ... i can format the drive, but i receive the bsod from windows 2000

just one thing, on the cage of the hard drives, there is two SCSI plugs, but just one is connected. when i receive the server, no hard was connected...

i'm lost, i don't understand what it happens...

please help me
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: unable to install windows 2000

Remove all option parts (memory, PCI ctlrs, nics 3rdparty boards, add'l processors etc. by doing installation with its standard configuration. Check and make sure your Rom is at its latest and greatest. Also, at what stage is W2K installation is getting this error? And what is the exact description or message?