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unsupported I/O Riser, system halterd

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unsupported I/O Riser, system halterd

Hi to community members,

I had a DL380 Gen 6, while doing routine reconfig, i plugged in a riser board from another HP server, [ in hindsight i should have been more careful]   I got a few few funny noises and system would not boot. So took the foreign riser out.    But now, i cannot get past this error  despite plugging / unplugging correct riser- i have tried everything.

Taken out all the I/O risers, reset jumper pin 6 to clear NVRAM & jumper pin 1 to reset ILO3 security. disconnect battery overnight and power supplies then hit the power button, to clear ILO and hopefully main NVRAM.

So i am confused maybe i fried  a chip on the board or ROM bios, but what contradicts that, is  it starts the self test, confirms processors and memory are OK. All leds are green on the system board.   The monitor states there is a valid back up system ROM. Then it displays "unsupported I/O riser", even when all risers are out. The official solution is merely take out I/O riser and replace with correct riser.  i have tried this many times.

I had never bothered trying to connect the ILO, these servers [ got 2 identical ones at same time] were secondhand, i thought as a last resort i will try reflashing the board bios from the ILO, but i cannot get anything out of the ILO, when connecting a crossover via a pc or normal cat 6 via a HP switch, wireshark picks up nothing, just the pc on a direct connection registers the ethernet connection.  So therefore i cannot do any recovery via the ILO2 card. But another similar server has no problem connecting via ILO, so there is nothing wrong with my network or cables etc.

So just maybe putting in the foreign riser card, caused a hiccup with the ILO card. or the internal bios setting is set to use the on board serial port instead, as i note i can connect via the on board serial port and it reflects the directly attached monitor exactly and halts at "unsupported I/O Riser

I note there is a number of other jumpers on the board - so i am thinking if some of you chaps knowledgable on HP hardware may be able to direct me to some undocumented jumper settings to clear this fault. Because in one way the system is not throwing hardware errors, the video and serial display is fine, but is halting at this fault. In another way maybe the fault displaying is just a symptom of a deep board issue.

This is a beautiful server and i do not want do disard it,  Shipping in replacements is difficult and expensive because i reside in the Laos PDR.  So any suggestions  from hardware engineers would be very welcome.

thanks in advance



Re: unsupported I/O Riser, system halterd


Good day,

Thanks for detail explantation of torubleshooting done.

I suggest to open a case with  HPE to do further troubleshooting.

Hard issue is suspected...

I am an HPE Engineer.

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Re: unsupported I/O Riser, system halterd

Mr Chandra, @Chandra_S 
Thanks for reply... But I thought you needed to have a service contract.. Which I do not have... I was hoping there would be something in the knowledge base, but I am thinking now I have a hard error and will have to replace the board.. Unless there is some setting to clear this error