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update the bios of the dl360 g5?

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update the bios of the dl360 g5?

i totally agree

HP is one big confusion forum or what ever HP section its one big maze of information

to find something you need to get a week of from work and have a box of tranquilizers with you so you wont get completly out of your mind


how in gods name can we setup a good secondhand server if the information is so confusing


  • links that are not working
  • software thats no longer availeble
  • drivers no longer availeble
  • very bad explanation on how to use some software ( for instance update the bios of the dl360 g5 so it can handle the quadcore 5400 series )

to be honnest i am thinking of selling my HP and see if any other company has a better support because its no longer any fun to work with a HP server



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Re: update the bios of the dl360 g5?

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the HP support website.


From my own experience it's no different to any other large corporate website, it provides access to regular updates for servers up to the end of service life and the it becomes periodical. 


You can't honestly expect HP to provide up to the minute support for a server family over 7 years & 3 generations old?


Googling DL360G5 downloads gives you this link:  which provides a wealth of links for driver downloads for an mind boggling amount of operating systems.


Updating the system ROM on HP servers is very easy, you run the ROMPaq it determines what version you have & it then tells you whether your system need to be updated or not.  How much more simple do you need? 


If you check the fixes/updates section in the download area for the ROMPaq it will show you a revision history which should tell you whether any support for newer processors has been added.


Another way to check if your system is 5400 series compliant is to contact you local HP support team.  Another rule of thumb is that if the system is equipped with 5300/5200 series cpu's then it is probably 5400 series compliant, only very early systems based off of 5100 series cpu's are likely to pose a problem.


Hope this is of some help.