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updating an old ML350 G2

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updating an old ML350 G2

Probably some very elementary questions, but what's the best/easiest way to bring an old ML350 G2 up to date? I've already downloaded the latest System ROMPaq file and have created the floppy. Do I just reboot the server and let it boot from the floppy to update the BIOS?

I should mention that the main reason I'm doing the BIOS update now is that we had a power outage and the tape got stuck in the DAT drive. Now, apparently due to a bug in the BIOS, I can't power down the server (it only Restarts) to try to get the DAT tape to pop out.

Also, should I obtain and run the latest (or earlier version?) SmartStart CD to further update this server? Or is there any problem doing so? Will it disturb any of the existing data on and/or setup of this server?

This is a production server, in use every day.

Thanks for your help!
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: updating an old ML350 G2


if the bios have a bug, that make this problem, i will do the firmware upgrade,
for the flashing, you can use the flopy, or cd its the same way to do it. I prefer to use CD/( usb key if its available ) instead of floppy, but for your server are only CD/floppy.

If your DAT tape is stucked inside the Drive,
you could use restart the server and them diskonect the power cables from the server to shutdown. And them you can play with the Drive.

Before, i start the upgrade of any firmware on the sevrers, its better read the releasse notes, to be sure, there is not some problem, after applying.

If you update firmware of the server, there should be not any impact to your configuration or data. But before you start the update, its recomended, to make a backup of the server and your data.

HP hase also Online flash packages, that will be installed under OS, and after reboot of the server will be applyied, but i am not sure if its also for your model.

Malcolm Watts
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Re: updating an old ML350 G2

I ran the firmware updates using HPsim, on to a DL380 G2 with version 8.0 of smart start software, this for some unknown reason, it killed the server to the point where the O/S had to be reinstalled, MS sus updates were applied as well so may be it was a coincidence, but it was not the only server that died.
so be carefull.
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Re: updating an old ML350 G2

Thanks for the help. I've downloaded the Firmware Maintenance CD Release 7.50 and will try booting the server from the CD and applying the BIOS update that way. Does that seem like a good choice?

I'll backup all the data on the server before I reboot to the CD. Fingers crossed.

I must say that it's a bit confusing to have so many different ways to update the server and not guidance on which method is preferred or safest. I wish I could find some good documentation on the easiest way to bring -- or keep -- a system up-to-date...

Thanks for the help, guys!

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Re: updating an old ML350 G2

Well, I booted off the Firmware Maintenance CD and checked off all the updates I could see, but the system BIOS still shows 01/29/2002, not what I expected. Do I have to boot with the SysRompaq diskette (ver 4.04 Rev A for ML350 G2) to get the BIOS to update? Did I miss something on the FW Maint CD that would have updated the BIOS for me from there?

By the way, the stuck tape came out of the drive after the second power-off restart -- even w/o the BIOS being updated. ???

Thanks for your help. This is a learning process!

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Re: updating an old ML350 G2

If yoy have got a tape drive, that is in a failure state. The drive need to be power cycled, wich also mean a power cycle of the server.
A reboot of a server don't caurse a reboot of a tape drive.

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Re: updating an old ML350 G2

There could be a prerequirement or an error not noticed that is preventing the CD from updating the BIOS.

It depends upon your O/S and H/W configuration as which one is safer/better/easier. Backups are always a good idea.

If your server isn't supported on the latest Smart Start & Maintenance CD, you'll need to do a little research to find out which CD release was the latest one for your particular model and O/S.〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=316596&taskId=135

IIRC, Version 7.50 Maintenance CD had some update issues with some servers. If your O/S supports online flashing use that image here:

If you can't use the Online Flash, then read the README.1ST/TXT files on the Rompaq Floppy you created for installation instructions. Usually power reset the system and boot the floppy, but read the notes on the floppy to be sure.

Read the Firmware Release and Installation notes to make sure ALL components meet minimum requirements prior to upgrading the BIOS.