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upgrade ML370 G6 with a (6) LFF drive kit

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upgrade ML370 G6 with a (6) LFF drive kit




Hope some one can help me

I am about to purchase a used ML 370 G6 server with a (8) SFF drive cave, standard configuration on a 487795-421


Is it possible to add a (6) LFF drive cave kit and place it above the 8 drive SFF cave, so i get room for 8 2.5’’ SFF HD and 6 3.5’’ LFF HD in the server


And what part numberes is needed for that upgrade






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Re: upgrade ML370 G6 with a (6) LFF drive kit

My first inclination based on the QuickSpecs is to say no, you cannot mix and match.

The part number for the LFF expansion says "Backplane" and not Kit so I think the LFF model already has the cage ready and is just missing the backplane?

Can you pop the connector off that part of the server and get a picture of the inside? I'm specifically wondering if it has the grooves for the drives to slot into or not.

Re: upgrade ML370 G6 with a (6) LFF drive kit

When installing a single six-bay LFF backplane, HP recommends installing it in drive cage bay 1.


When installing a second six-bay LFF backplane, one of the following options is required:

  • An optional SAS controller
  • An optional 24-port SAS expander

For installation steps refer to page 65 of the server’s user guide. Click here to access the user guide.





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