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upgrading HDs in RAID 1

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upgrading HDs in RAID 1



New at this and would like to ask a few questions.


- Using an HP DL360 G6

- 2 drives of 300GB in a RAID 1

- upgrading to new 1.2 TB drives as there is hardly any space left on the main OS partition.


I took out the drive in bay 1 and installed the new 1.2TB drive and it rebuilt it.  I took the drive out of Bay 0 and put in a new drive and it rebuilt that, so I have the mirror working with both new drives but only 300GB is recognized.


I am having issues with the system recognizing the larger drives.


The HP RAID software recognizes the larger drive but will not allow me to change anything regarding the size of the drive partitions.  How can I increase the size of the partition within the OS???


I have tried several partition software, like Partition magic, but none of them will allow me to increase the size of the partitions.


Is there something I am missing?  Should I have done this differently?  Is there better software to use?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: upgrading HDs in RAID 1


use the ORCA utility or on smartstart to expand the array.


Then you can go to drive management in windows and EXPAND your system or assign the spare storage as another logical drive and format..