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users cannot access server thru VPN

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users cannot access server thru VPN

Hi I have a DL380 G3 server with 1.5GB RAM. The OS is Windows NT + SP6. We use it as a file server for all the users. One of the directory that is being shared (about 500 GB) has permissions for anyone on the company domain to access it.

We have users complaining that if they try to VPN into the network and then try to connect, they are unable to connect with the following error : "The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure you can contact the server that authenticated you."

Can anyone advise what I need to check. Thank you
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: users cannot access server thru VPN


I doubt this is the correct forum for asking that question.

Even if it were you've only given a fraction of the information that would be required to anwer it...