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vcrm and vca

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vcrm and vca

I have a question about vcrm. I've installed vcrm on a system, and populated it's repository. i can update systems on my network via hpsim (from the 'deploy' menu).
i have also notice that you can configure the vca on each individual system from the web agent. So, if i'm updating systems from HPSIM, do i need to configure the vca's on every box as well? or is this something completely different? if i do configure the vca's, will they automatically start polling the vcrm for updates? i didn't see any other settings for this..
Matthew J Warrick
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Re: vcrm and vca

The VCAs on each server poll the VCRM via SNMP to verify that the installed ProLiant drivers are the latest or conform to the "reference support pack" that you selected during the VCA setup. This status information is then returned to a SIM server when the "software status polling" task is run and updates each server's software status column with a good, warning, critical, etc icon in the SIM console.
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