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virtual device iso-image - ProLiant DL360 G6 - 484184-B21

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virtual device iso-image - ProLiant DL360 G6 - 484184-B21

Hello friends of better server hardware and support,

after a couple of hick ups I am throwing supermicro servers out and am concentrating on hp. What I'd like you to help me with is the following:

I am running ubuntu on my desktop und want to install ubuntu server on the hp server.

I've set up a name and can connect with ilo 2, which is:

iLO 2 Firmware Version:  2.29   07/16/2015 

what I am looking for though is where, can I connect a local ISO-File either on a virtual windows 7 or my native ubuntu 16.04 LTs host to a virtual device? Please give me a hint or better google search terms because my search terms didn't help so far.

Situation right now:


1 hp server is running with 2*SSDs from a supermicro machine. Those were setup as software raid1 on the replaced supermicro x9drl. After just plugging them into the proliant dl360 they were automatically adapted as hardware raid 1 and things are missing. Now I'll need to reinstall it and then the rest of the cluster, because of that.

For some reason I don't find a gui where I can set up the connection between my local ubuntu desktop and and a local iso file on it to the server in order to reinstall it as a hardware raid1. Any ideas where I can find that either in ilo2 or in another tool I could use? With kind regards, Hans