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vlans and HP NCU

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vlans and HP NCU



I'm migrating over to a new ISP and want to migrate my networks gracefully rather than a big bang.


So I've set up new networks with new ranges. They've been added to the NIC team alongside all the existing vlans using HP NCU and that seems fine.


However, when I go to the network connections screen I see my old public vlan (internet access) on network 4 but my new public vlan (new internet access) is showing as on the same network as my all my old and new internal ranges.


How do I move that new internet vlan on to the same network 4 as my existing internet vlan, assuming I need to?


My first real time dealing with servers so forgive me if it's obvious.


One more thing is the new internet connection is not connected up yet, dont know whether that matters or not.