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wake on line proliant dl 140

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wake on line proliant dl 140

I have a number of dl 140, and I would like to wake them on line after a system crash, not after clean shutdown. Is there any chance to go with something like ether-wake ? I wan't use the web interface because I could need to wake them from home, from example after a black-out. The dl140 are computing nodes, so I can't web-access them from home, but I have to start a browser on the front-end server. Through adsl this is slow.

I also tried to start lynx on the front-end server, to boot the dl140, but it seems that lynx can't manage properly the user/passwd window.

Any solution ?
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Re: wake on line proliant dl 140

Wake On LAN (WOL) is a technology which allows you to start a computer / server which in a shutdown state. This can be over LAN, WAN or Internet.

I am not sure if you can specifically "wake" up the server only when it has crashed, and not when the server is cleanly shutdown. Moreover, under crash situations, the server may not be in a bootable situation, or able to receive "magic packets" for WOL functionality.

If the server is in a bootable state, it will WOL regardless of whether it was shutdown or crashed. The best solution for you would be Lights Out 100 - which provides you remote management options for the server.