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what HAL type for DL360

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what HAL type for DL360


i'm playing with the DL360 G3 and the 380G3 and image based (ghost) deployments of server 2000. I can see that the device uses the ACPI_MP hal in device manager. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the ACPI APIC MP hal, and not ACPI PIC. Also is this the same across both the DL360 and 380? I've traweled through the help site and cannot find the information i need. MAny thanks
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Re: what HAL type for DL360


I believe the first HAL is seing a daul cpu server with only a single CPU. The second HAL you list is for a box that has 2 CPUS.

I manually force the HAL to use APCI MULTIPROCESSOR - even if there is only one CPU - makes it easier if I ever add a second CPU.
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