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what do theses terms mean?proliant dl and ml servers


what do theses terms mean?proliant dl and ml servers

In the features of proliant dl and ml servers the website says:
1. Density optimised for flexibility and manageability. (what does density optimized mean here?)
2. Ideal for multi-server deployment. (what is multi-server deployment mean here?)
3. (tower servers) maximum internal storage and flexibility (is it? I thought BL servers have more capacity?)
4. (entry level 100) suited for single tier architecture. (what does single-tier architecture mean here?)

Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: what do theses terms mean?proliant dl and ml servers

Just ignore the marketing drones' abuse of buzzwords...

1. Frankly, I have no idea. I think they're trying to write that you can stuff in whatever you like.
2. These servers are typically set up using a 'SmartStart' CD/DVD, which helps you install drivers and HP SW automatically. This process can be 'logged' and 'replayed' on other servers of the same model and with the same options, so that all you really need to do is type in a new servername for each. Quite handy when you have a few to install at the same time.
3. I think this means = 'Lots of room for disks in these boxes'. BL-servers(Blade servers) typically have room for 2 HDDs(usually set to RAID1 = mirroring) If you want more you need to look for SAN or similar storage solutions.
4. My guess is 'small organisations'.

Don't focus too much on the buzzwords.
Take note of what YOU need out of the servers, then check the tech specks of the models available.

For a small office, with low budget and everything 'in the same house', a 100 series of some sort can do.
Split into several offices, you probably also want the ILO(Insight Lights Out = allows remote controlall the way from virtually pushing the power button and up into graphical OS)
If you pass 50 - 100 users or need good uptime you go for 300 series with redundant PSUs, Hot-plug HDDs and so on. And with ILO, of course.
500 series is for the 'big guys'.
We're talking massively redundant and powerful iron.

If you need lots of servers(running Citrix or something maybe?) then a Blade system may be what you need.