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windows 2003ent server randomly shutdown

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windows 2003ent server randomly shutdown

Hi Guys,

I have one windows 2003 server (hp proliant ml 570 g2 series).this server randomly every one week or 10 days going to unexpect shutdown.that time no display,no erros on the screen & and no disk actvity . Some time its showing blue screen with memory parity erros.Previous its 4 gb ram with windows 2003 std server.3 monthes back we upgrade the ram 16gb ram ,and we install the two dual channel port fc cards& two gigabit net work cards.we change the os windows 2003std to windows 2003 ent server.i called the hard ware guys.they done offline & online testing useing hp smart start 7.8 .they didnt find any hardware failure erros.finaly they they told that is the os fault.please can any one tell me. how to solve this problem.because this is my major clear case application server.
Ronald Postma
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Re: windows 2003ent server randomly shutdown

Hi sureshs ,
hmmm, if it is a hardware problem it may be a power supply issue. To my knowlidge smartstart does not test the PSU. But if it is the PSU, it should happen more often.

My guess is that it is an OS problem, or a memoy problem that is not that bad that the test tools do not find it.

Did the problem exists before the upgrade of the machine? if sotry removing the original 4GB and try to work with the oter 12GB.

If you upgraded the std to ent it may be the cause, that something went wrong during upgrade. If it is possible I always do a clean install of an OS and not an upgrade.

have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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Re: windows 2003ent server randomly shutdown

I ran into this same problem and it was caused by a UPS Battery backup with a signal cable connected to a USB port. The Software for the UPS management was never loaded so the system was interpreting the UPS signal as if it were a laptop battery. Whenever the power fluctuated and the UPS alarmed, the system thought the battery was running low and proceeded to shutdown and restart. I disconnected the USB cable and re-booted the server and haven't had a problem since. If you reconnect the cable and load the UPS software, you shouldn't have a problem either.

I found that the Windows Power management software was loading just as if it were a laptop, but once the USB cable was disconnected and the system rebooted, the options for battery management were removed.