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windows 8 on ML350 G5

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windows 8 on ML350 G5

Me again:

I appreciated the help before and now, delving into new territory.

ML350G5, with Windows server 2003 onboard. 

I have a OEM copy of Win8 pro that was supposed to be on another computer - but it turned out to be wrong hardward config.

If I try and install Win8 on this machine, is it going to choke or will it go?

The 5, 146 GB drives are currently hardware configued as Raid 5, with two partitions.

Should I redo the array from the bios and then install? (I don't want partitions)?

I see posts in the business forum about missing drivers and reinstalling barious HP management tools, that I can look for once the OS functions.

But will it go? 

Or maybe I need my head examined. 

thanks for your comments and suggestions.


Re: windows 8 on ML350 G5



First of all Windows 8 is not a tested operating system for Servers.

You may try installing Windows 8 on this server through manual install because SmartStart CD does not work.


Coming to Raid 5, there is no need to redo the raid.


But remember Windows 8 may or may not recognise the SmartArray controller in the server.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: windows 8 on ML350 G5


and my IT guy tells me I'm a bit off as well.

so the server will be updated, and donated to a charity office which can put it to proper use.