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windows2003 on 1850r shows up as "standard pc"

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windows2003 on 1850r shows up as "standard pc"

Hello ,

Ive installed windows 2003 on an 1850r prolient server with smart start 5.5 .
after the installation the operating system - win2003 , recognize the server as a "standard pc" and doesnt recognize it with its 2 processors.
ive tried installing a more recent support pack - didnt help.

if somebody can help me i would realy aprechiate it.

thank u
Nathan Gervais
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Re: windows2003 on 1850r shows up as "standard pc"

There are 2 things that i think may help you with this issue.

One is the current HAL that was installed with 2003 when you installed it. Sounds like it was set to the Standard PC or Non-ACPI PIC hal. In the device manager you can select different drivers to change.

You can find more info about that here;en-us;309283

Also there is a setting in the F10 System Configuration Utility (on boot up) that will let you change the APIC mode of the server that can have some affect on the CPU detection by the os.

When you enter the SCU Hit Ctrl-A to turn on the advanced settings. Then choose Configure hardware, let it detect your hardware, choose review changes, then #3 view or edit details and head down to the advanced section. Make sure your APIC mode is set to MPS or Auto.

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Re: windows2003 on 1850r shows up as "standard pc"

Thank u very much
it worked!
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Re: windows2003 on 1850r shows up as "standard pc"

The 1850r is not ACPI ready; so the HAL installed by windows should be MPS uniprocessor or MPS multiprocessor. In the system configuration (F10/SCU) if you select the appropriate OS the APIC table will be set automatically.
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!