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xp on a proliant ml350 G4

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xp on a proliant ml350 G4

Hi there :)

I wonder if it is possible to innstall xp pro on a hp proliant ml350 G4 provide the server with a videocard, ram, sound card ect and use it as a workstation. My plan is to run Avid xpress pro with it. Is this hopeless?? any ideas? because I have failed to install xp-pro. I have 4 SCSI disks and a IDE disk. What I would like is to use a partition an the IDE for windows XP and use SCSI disks for storage. Now i run windows server 2003 on a SCSI disk.

Sry if the english is poor :P, greatful for any reply :)

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Re: xp on a proliant ml350 G4

It definitely won't be supported, albeit you might be able to ebventually instal XP on it. You would need to fish somewhere for industry standard drivers for different onboard devices (see similar topic here:

Bear in mind, however, that there is no slot (AGP or PCI-E x16) suitable for a decent VGA card in the ML350 G4.

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