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zoning for multipath


zoning for multipath

We are trying setup multipath using

2 Dell PE2650 servers having Win23 SP1
1 MSA1000
2 HP 2/16-EL FC switches
2 Emulex HBAs per server
Secure path Software for windows

Is it necessary to do zoning even if we are using secure path?

primary HBA on each server is connected to primary switch and secondary HBA on each server goes to secondary switch.Secondary switch is connected to redundant controller in MSA 1000 and primary to the active controller.

Also, without zoning we could not see all 4 HBAs in MSA 1000 SSP through active controller.But, we saw only 2 HBAs connected to primary switch.Is this normal?

Thanks in Advance,
Jean-Yves Picard
Trusted Contributor

Re: zoning for multipath


multipath ensure that you keep access to ressoures (disk or tape) in case of one link failure.

zonning ensure you won't access other's ressources.

supposed you have two host A and B, and you defined two lun on disc bay: discA and discB.

without zonning, it is possible for A to access (and format) both discA and discB.

however, in you case, since you are sharing a tape device, and most likely the two host can't access tape device at same time, zonning isn't mandatory.

Jean-Yves Picard