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Re: 1611 Power Supply fan failure

Bruce Riley
New Member

1611 Power Supply fan failure

I have a DL380 server that had one power supply in it. After installing Windows updates, the server wouldn't restart. Error is 1611 Power Supply 1 fan failure detected. Critical fan failure detected. System will shutdown in 5...4...3...2....1

Changed the power supply, same issue. Moved the new power supply to the empty slow, same thing. Put both power supplies in, same thing. Tried every possible combo.

Does anybody know what else could cause this?

Thank you
Attila Szabó
Frequent Advisor

Re: 1611 Power Supply fan failure

Dear Bruce,

Its seems, the problem is not with the power supply itself, maybe with the internal FAN in the front of the power supply.
First, take a look to the front of the server. There is an internal and external Health LED (from the top, the first is the internal health LED, the second is the external).
The external LED is for power supply, the internal is for internal components (like memory, etc, but for FAN also).
If internal LED amber or red, take a look into the server, which FAN is amber/not green when the server is powered on, and replace it (ask an HP service provider).

If your server is not fully populated with fans inside, its recommened to buy a redundant fan kit (include the 3 redundant fan), and next time you will have only a warning message on a fan failure.

For minimal cooling, 5 fan needed for the server. one is behind the processors, near the power supply, and 4 in the center if the server.
For redundancy, another 3 fan requied, one is into the empty slot behind the processors, and two on two side of front fans.

hope it helps,