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1611 fan failure error Proliant 800

Allen Daniel
Occasional Contributor

1611 fan failure error Proliant 800

I am trying to recover a Proliant 800 server that suffered a CPU cooling fan failure.  I have a similar server that is out of service.  I turned it on to make sure it would still boot up and, after overcoming its dead CMOS battery, it booted fine and the fan was good.  I removed the fan and put it in the first machine, but still get fan error and at a certain point in the SCO OpenServer bootup, it fails and shuts down.  I took the drive cage out and put it in the machine that booted OK and it booted right up; no fan error or other errors.  I ran diags on the machine that failed and everything passed.  I am guessing that the error code on the failed machine is being stored somwhere and I need to reset that.  Any ideas?


Thanks in advance