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1783-Slot 6 Array Controller Failure

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1783-Slot 6 Array Controller Failure


I have a Compaq Proliant800 Server and I had reboot the server and now getting the follwoing error" , Compaq smart array 3200. It says press "f1" to enter ,press"f10" for disk partition utility.I tried both but it says "no system disk". There is no floppy or CD inserted.
I am unable to access my important data on the server. Please Help Urgently....
Tarek Kawach
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Re: 1783-Slot 6 Array Controller Failure

Hi Soulat:

it is either a bad controller or failed hard drive, bad scsi backplane or cable connected to the controller.

1- remove the scsi cable from the controller and see if you still get that error at post.

if you still get the 1783 then could be a controller issue.

what you should do is remove the controller and reseat the memory cache module and make sure it is plugged in firmly.

after this is same error; possible we need to replace the cache module and or the controller.

2- if you don't get the 1783 with controller ; then it is a bad hard drive on the scsi backplane.

try one drive at a time to see which one is bad.

in most cases a replacement controller and cache module will fix the issue.

Smart Array 3200 Controller spare:340855-001
64 Meg Cache Module Spare Part: 340915-001

if you have spare controllers I would try replacing the controller.

SA3200 controller Option Part Number 295643-B21 (this is the whole controller)

Best regards,

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marc simmons
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Re: 1783-Slot 6 Array Controller Failure

Have a similar Problem:
Windows 2000 with exchange 5.5 installed on proliant ML370 wit 3200 SCSI array controller. 4 disks on ARRAY A running raid 5 and 2 disks on array B
running mirrored RAID 1 disks. The data on the mirrored disk is what i want and I have no backup.

The sytem was acting very strange so rather then rebuild i decided to upgrade to server 2003 with excahnge 2003. i removed the 6 old disks and put in
6 new disks (large capacity) and configured with RAID 5 on all disks with 1 spare. I realized only later when I went to restore that i did not have a complete
backup on the mirrored drives, now Now it seems that i have no choice but to re-build te original win 20000 system
(recover). What i do not want to do is power down put the old disks in with the existing RAID 3200 card do my recovery
(if possible) then power down and put the new disks with the newely built 2003 system and have that one not come up since
it has taken me ages to re-build with excahnge and having to put 50 users back on the domain. I have a spare
compaq smart 1p 2 ch wide SCSI card and a compaq smart 2sl 1 ch wide SCSI card, so wonder if i talke out the
original 3200 scsi card and take out the new disks, put in one of the scsi cards mentioned, put the old disks and try to get
the system back. Ideally I would like to use the oroginal 3200 array card but am frightened if i put the old disks in and configure then when i
have finished recovering and put the new disks back the system will not come backup.
Thanks for your help.