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1850R Bare Bones..

Scott Masbruch
New Member

1850R Bare Bones..

Hello, I am really confused with respect to setting up an 1850R carcas I acquired some years ago. I was able to set up a OS but can not access the BIOS. I ( for whatever reason ) discarded the CD's that came with it (I now regret it, thought I was simply cleaning house) Can anybody HELP!. This unit has been sitting idle and for one reason or another I REALLY want to test it's capabilities. What and where the freak can I get solid answers to my ...Fun project. I can't get rid of anything. I am really curious to see how this unit will peform with dual P3 600mhz 512 L2 processors. Just bought some on eBay and Memory as well. Man this has been consuming my time!!! Scott
John Amper

Re: 1850R Bare Bones..

If you are talking of COMPAQ PL1850R, you need to download, SMARTSTART CD 5.50 and create a bootable CD and boot from this CD to click, RUN CONFIGURATION UTILITY to configure the system.
Make sure your switches are also set-up correctly,

Good luck.
John Amper