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1850R Power On Problem

Levent Sasmazel
New Member

1850R Power On Problem


I just buy a used ProLiant 1850R. I was planning to install Fedora 5 and make a file/CVS server. After cleaning the existing configuration these server put itself to a very weird condition. Now when ever I try to power up this system Power LED (Yellow) turning to Green for 2 sec and return back to yellow. I try with another Power supply and same result. Even switching this system to disaster recovery mode did not fixed the problem. Any help will be appreciated.

Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: 1850R Power On Problem

Hi Levent:

Clear nvram by the system erase floppy
- Try to change the Cmos Battery ; there is a replacement battery you can get.

4.5V alkaline battery for Real-Time Clock (RTC), 600mA - Has self-adhesive strip and attached cable and connector

make sure the the I/O board is fully seated on the system board etc.

Compaq System Erase Utility
version 1.70 A (25 Apr 03)

Remove the I/O PCI board and reseat it and make sure you don't get Led below it on the system board.


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Mike Mikes
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Re: 1850R Power On Problem

The CMOS battery in the machine (proliant 1850r) is a 3-volt soldered to the m/b (why?).

Is it o.k. to put the 4.5-volt battery in the system? Just making sure because I have a dead CMOS battery also and I am planning on ordering the replacement battery (160274-001).

One more question! How do I know what jumper pins to connect the new bat to?

They look like this - right next to the old battery:

..... .
12345 6

With a jumper connecting pins 1 and 2.

Any help would be appreciated!