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Re: 1850R & Suse 9.2

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1850R & Suse 9.2


I am attempting to install suse 9.2 on a 1850R and have run into several issues. The 1850 is configured with dual 600mhz PIII; 384mb RAM, 4-drive SCSI Raid 5+1.

I appearently got the install the work although I can only gain access to console based commands and cannot load any X-System gui's (KDE / Gnome).

In addition, the box locks-up on me after several minutes of use.

I am using an older ATI Rage video card as the intergraded card appearently is unsupported.

Any ideas?


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Re: 1850R & Suse 9.2

Hi Lou,

Welcome to the Forums!

You could also ask this one over in the Linux Category:

The experts there will have some suggestions for you,

Hope this helps,

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Re: 1850R & Suse 9.2

Thank you