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2000 server installation on legacy 6500 quad

David Lavery
Occasional Contributor

2000 server installation on legacy 6500 quad

Hi All

I cannot install Win 2000 Server.

I hope someone can help me on this issue, I'm lost. I apologize in advance for the length of this post;)

I recently acquired a Proliant 6500 4*200mhz, 6*9.1Gb server that shipped to me with Win 2000 Server.

I wanted to reinstall the OS for licencing issues and set up 2003 server (big mistake 2003 doesn't support the MP platform for older processors). Not a problem, because I really wanted to install SBS2000 to use the MS Exchange functionallity, I thought!

I cannot install Win 2000 Server at all. I've tried different installation media to no avail (i.e. SBS2000, 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server, etc..)

As the machine came with no installation media I made ISO's of Smartstart 7.10 (available from HP) but they're won't run on this server. Susequently, I bought an earlier (compatible Smartstart ISO) and it goes through the motions, but 2000 Server will not install.

I even came across the much maligned (hidden CTRL_A command to get into the advanced BIOS settings) and everything I've tried (logical and illogical) hasn't worked. That includes APIC settings et all.

Every attempt I've made was followed by a system erase, so I'm working on a "clean machine".

By the way the server runs happily with Linux, Unix and 2003 Server (albeit with only one processor recognised with 2003) so I'm stumped.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


Bostjan Kosi
Trusted Contributor

Re: 2000 server installation on legacy 6500 quad

Dave the last smartstart to support your server is 5.5, and it officialy supports w2k installations. I've done it several times with p6000 and p6500 servers. APIC of course should be set to FULL TABLE MODE. If you could explain where exactly your smartstart procedure stops, SS version..Maybe we could find a solution.

btw w2003 works with more than just one proc...but the procedure of replacing the hal during setup (beetween setup reboots) is a real pain...and it will work just until first SP.
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David Lavery
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Re: 2000 server installation on legacy 6500 quad

Thanks for the prompt reply Bostjan, I appreciate it.

ss 5.5,full table mode and the failed install occurs after the w2003 server GUI setup.

I've got more info to give you on this, but I need to re-install since I have installed Linux.

Thanks alot for your attention.



p.p. interesting comment about MP support on legacy M/C's: dave ((at))
James Mendez
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Re: 2000 server installation on legacy 6500 quad

Hello Dave
Did you say you instaled Linux and it workd. By any chance was it Redhat Linux 9.