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3T HDD Lost on MicroServer Gen8 with AHCI enabled

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3T HDD Lost on MicroServer Gen8 with AHCI enabled

Hi Experts,

I have a MicroServer Gen8 which installed Windows Server 2008 R2 with AHCI enabled.

After the OS installed successfully, i inserted the new 3T HDD to the slot, and the system can recognize the HDD correctly, but when i tried to copy my backup to the new installed HDD, the data copying worked well just for minutes, and suddenly, the system reported I/O error, and the copying corrupted. And after i reboot the server, the new installed HDD was lost and the system can not recognize it any more.

I tried two new HDDs and got the same senario. My HDD config like below:

slot 5: SSD which installed the OS.

slot 1: insert the new HDD.

Could you please help to check why this kind of issue would happen? Is it related to the AHCI driver?

How can i solve the issue?

Thanks so much!


Brs// Kevin