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Re: 3ware vs ml330 G3 D15

Henning Olesen
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3ware vs ml330 G3 D15

My proLiant ml330 G3 (D15) boots up on the CSB-6 crontroler with a 40 gb disk instaled with win2003ser.

But i if put my new 3ware Escalade 7506-8 (no disk attach) i get an "F1" (to continue) option along with the "F9 F10 F12". If i press F1 win2003 boots up.

If i attach a disk to the Escalade controller, the F1 option disaper, and the computer dosent start up on the CSB crontroler
and tryes to boot up on the network.

I want it to boot up on the onboard CSB crontroler,the Escalade crontroller is just fore some disks.

Please help
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Re: 3ware vs ml330 G3 D15

I had similar problem.
My server is running on SmartArray SCSI controller. When i install additional IDE RAID controller (Promise FastTrack), server doesn't boot from SCSI. It doesn't recognise SmartArray's partitions.

I think, it is not posible to coexist both controllers even they have different IRQs assigned(by the way, i have not big choise of available IRQ - disable COM2 and unused integrated SCSI controller)