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64-bit Longmode and VM ESX 64-bit VMs

Tim Cox_1
Occasional Contributor

64-bit Longmode and VM ESX 64-bit VMs

I have an ML 570 G3 w/3.0Ghz Xeon processors w/HT. I have run VMWare's CPU compatability tool against the processors and see that while 64-bit Longmode is supported, 64-bit VMWare is not. I need to estimate how much a transition to VMWare is going to cost.

Will the above server support 64-bit guest VMs under VMWare ESX? The server is currently in production so I can't just try it out.

If not, can the processors be updated to a version that does support 64-bit VMWare? Please provide a part # if possible so I can check costs involved. Thanks.