ProLiant Servers - Netservers with the N1000 driver and Netware 6.5

New Member with the N1000 driver and Netware 6.5

We are trying to get this setup and working with our old HP Q57 cards and with the New ML350G4 units with dual port NICS. We seem to keep getting either dance around articles or bind errors. We are trying to use Ethernet_II and Ethernet802.3 frame types and we seem to only have issues with the HP stuff. The generic B57 stuff works and so does the generic IANS stuff. We need some help on how to get the HP stuff to work. We have a Cisco switch configured correctly and it works with the windows servers ok. One of the errors we get is "Not all members support the teams loaded frame type". Any real help will be greatly appreciated. We have looked at over 100 pages of examples that are mostly vague or don't work. Thanks for the help.