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ASPI / SCSI Drives

Joseph Irwin
New Member

ASPI / SCSI Drives

HELP ... I have an original ProLiant 350 server running Windows 2003 Standard. Somehow the Adaptec ASPI Layer got installed and a file "wowpost.exe" took over my Port 1433. A Microsoft tech unofficially suggested that I try freeware called "killaspi.bat" to get rid of the renegade file. But, when I ran it, I think it screwed up the SCSI driver for my RAID array.

Any suggestions? Should I install the latest ProLiant Support Pack? Would that restore the proper driver for my SCSI RAID controller?

Thanks in advance ... JOE
Roman Orth
New Member

Re: ASPI / SCSI Drives

Hi Joe,

could you post more detailed informations? Like is the OS still running (i.e. Systemdrive is not on the raid)? If it runs you can try reinstalling the raiddriver.
And is the file wowpost.exe deleted? It might have been in use when you tried to get rid of it.

Cheers Roman