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Adaptech Ultra160

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Adaptech Ultra160

I am trying to repair a Windows 2000 Installation on a DL380. In the middle of the Repair, it asked for the drivers for the adaptech Ultra160 Family Manager Set(win2000). I have the disk that I created with the latest SmartStart CD but it doesn't work. The weird thing it that this disk that I have works when I do a fresh install of Windows 2000, but when I try to do a repair of windows 2000, it does not accept the disk. Any ideas?
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Re: Adaptech Ultra160


Sounds like the OS is confused. You should be able to download the Adaptec Family Set Manager from Adaptec's website or from HP's website and then create a disk.

It may be that during the repair (A (Microsoft tool), the drivers from HP do not work and only the manufactures drivers will work. If this does work, you could always replace the driver with the correct HP DL380 driver.

You may want to call HP and request their advice... Good Luck