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Add more drives to G1610T microserver

Occasional Contributor

Add more drives to G1610T microserver

I bought a G1610T microserver a couple months ago to make a media server using xpenology.


This allows upto 12 drives, but of course this server only have space for 4.


Does anyone know of any way to attach 12 drives to this microserver, via external drives or any other method?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Add more drives to G1610T microserver

The system does have an open PCIe slot. The supported Smart Array is a P222 which has 1 internal and  1 external port.


If you get this card, I'd move the internal drives to this controller as well and disable the onboard B120i


Smart Array P222 Quickspecs


THis controller supports both SAS and SATA drives. You can have both types of drives attached to the controller, but each array on the controller must consist of 1 type. You can have multiple arrays i.e. your 4 current internal drives are SATA they can be in Array A, and your external drives can be SAS and put in ARRAY B

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Re: Add more drives to G1610T microserver

I know it's been a long time since last post but didnt understand how to go about what you said, like what powers the drives you add to the smart array.

What got me interested in trying to do this is what this guy did  second post down.

However the guys doesnt give an in depth tutorial on how he does it.

I am not firmiliar with server hardware, smart array etc so need some instructions on how to do it.