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Adding Disk Space to NetServer E60

Michael Kokinda Sr.
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Adding Disk Space to NetServer E60

I need to add disk space to an E60 running Netware 6.5. Currently the server has the default 9.1 G SCSI Drive and an accessory 18.2 G drive. I haven't been inside this server yet so I don't know what kind of cabling is available in addition to what is being used, but my big question is what is the largest HD and what version of scsi can I add to the server?

Thanks for any help - Mike Kokinda
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Re: Adding Disk Space to NetServer E60

This server usually has two Ultra-Wide SCSI channels (A & B). I currently have one with 2x 9.1GB and 2x 18.2GB drives. You may be able to use 36GB drives as well but you may need to check on HP's website.

Hope this helps!