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Adding SCSI Card to DL320

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Adding SCSI Card to DL320

I have a Proliant DL320 G2 and I am trying to add a Adaptec 39320A-R SCSI Card. When the card is installed in the machine I get a Blue Screen right after the white count up bar that appears before the Windows 2003 splash screen. The error reads "Hardware error" - "NMI: parity check/ memory parity check" When the SCSI card is not in the machine I can boot up fine. This has happened with an old Adaptec Card and a New one I have just purchased.

Additional information: I do not see the CTRL +A option during boot up that usually occurs when an adaptec card is installed.
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Re: Adding SCSI Card to DL320

hi, some old scsi cards has jumpers to disable own ROM BIOS, maybe there are a conflict with system BIOS, check the SCSI manual to correct change...